Live From Austin TX

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  • Release Date: 10 November 2017


Label Review.  

Recorded 1989. New West Records.  

Our Overview.  

Eric Johnson’s ‘Live From Austin TX’ release spotlights his guitar virtuosity. The Austin native electrified his hometown audience during this fabled performance, which was recorded in December, 1988 and aired in 1989. During the 13-song show, he previewed several songs (“Steve’s Boogie,” “East Wes,” “Righteous,” and “Cliffs of Dover”) from his 1990 breakthrough album, Ah Via Musicom, along with “Camel’s Night Out,” which wound up on 1996’s Venus Isle. Johnson also salutes one of guitar heroes, Jimi Hendrix, by covering “Love or Confusion” and “Are You Experienced?” Lickona declares that “‘guitar genius’ is an easy phrase to throw around, but when it comes to blending fires and finesse, Eric Johnson has it all.” When New West released this as a DVD in 2005, it went gold. Now Johnson’s Live From Austin TX recording will come out on vinyl (as a 3-side 2-LP) for the first time, and as a CD/DVD combo set.

“Fasten your seatbelts for an extraordinary ride with guitar hero Eric Johnson. This is the performance that fellow guitarists, wannabes and fans have been waiting and dying for since this show first aired in 1989. And for good reason: Johnson’s playing has a way of connecting to fans of every guitar style while still eliciting raves from the likes of Carlos Santana, Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan and even country music legend Chet Atkins. His inspirations are the ‘3J’s’: Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Reed and Jeff Beck, but his style ranges wide and free throughout the entirety of guitar history while still infusing fresh ideas of his own. A long-time Austin mainstay, he took up guitar at age eleven and had his first professional group at fifteen. In 1974, he defied the musical mainstream by forming Austin’s first jazz/rock fusion band, the Electromagnets, and he’s been making guitar history ever since. ‘Guitar genius’ is an easy phrase to throw around, but when it comes to blending fires and finesse, Eric Johnson has it all.” - Terry Lickona (producer ‘Austin City Limits’)

Track List:

1. Righteous

2. Love or Confusion

3. Steve’s Boogie

4. Trail of Tears

5. Western Flyer

6. East Wes

7. C.W.

8. Camel’s Night Out

9. Emerald Eyes

10. Cliffs of Dover

11. Desert Rose

12. Zap

13. Are You Experienced?


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