Medicine Songs

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  • Release Date: 10 November 2017


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2017 album. 

Our Overview. 

Coming off her critically acclaimed, Polaris prize winning 2015 album ‘Power in the Blood’, and after winning the 2016 spirit of Americana Award, Buffy Sainte-Marie has delivered her new album Medicine Songs - and has made it her mission to educate and inform the world using her strongest tool - her music, by - in her own words - “putting the songs to work”.

The album starts with the new unreleased collaboration with fellow Polaris prize winning indigenous artist Tanya Tagaq, followed by the politically charged “The War Racket.” There are also new recordings of some of the most powerful songs Buffy’s ever written, including “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,” “Starwalker,” timeless protest classics like “Universal Soldier,” “Now That the Buffalo’s Gone,” and “Little Wheel Spin and Spin,” as well as forgotten gems that were simply ahead of their time when first released, like the shimmery, eye-opening “Priests of the Golden Bull,” and the chillingly prescient “Disinformation.”


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