The Things We Nearly Saw

LP £17.00
  • Release Date: 30 March 2018


Label Review. 

2018 album. Exclusive to Keymailorder! 

Our Overview. 

Rather than us talking to you it is always better when we have the band to tell you all about it...

"The beige, homogenised culture, the daily assault of meaningless celebrity and political bleakness drowning your soul ...this has all become the accepted norm ... but we have to remember that it hasn’t always been like this.

We have to acknowledge that people haven’t always cut out their tongues and taken their caps off to the baying herd of grubby, self-serving politicians and businessmen. We don’t have to scrabble up out of the dirt, hoisting ourselves into commuter flats. We definitely don’t have to soundtrack all this with generic, soul-crushing, committee created music. We have to kill that.

We have to give birth to ideas, rip out the grey, and we need to get back to hope.

Everything stolen from the provincial garage underground of the sixties, the frenzied, blood splattered best bits of post-punk, the definitive list of the only bands that have ever mattered. That’s what Kill Committee have done. They even took a vote on it." Check out their sound here!


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